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Dilijan is a sanatorium city in the region of Tavush, on the bank of the river of Aghstev. 100 km far from Yerevan. The city is located in a dale between the mountain ridges of Halab and Pambak, at a height of 1300 - 1330 m above sea level. The climate is temperate, with cold and snowy winters and warm, relatively humid summers. The natural landscapes are the forests.

One of the protected forests of Armenia, the National Park of Dilijan was created in a lot of the forest, which stretches not far from Dilijan. Dilijan are a number of sanatoriums - rest homes. In Dilijan are houses of creativity of the Union of Composers and filmmakers. The population based on initial census of 2011 is approximately 18 thousand persons.

There are 2 dozen of mineral springs in the territory of Dilijan. The water of two sources are bottled. The mineral waters "Dilijan" and "Dilijan Florova" are equivalent to the French "Vichy" and Georgian "Borjomi" mineral waters for their health properties.

There are 32 architectural monuments in the territory of Dilijan and its surroundings. Haghartsin, Goshavank, the monastery of Jukhtak and Mateosavank are more noticeable of them. They are the valuable monuments of the medieval Armenian architecture.