Touch the soul of Armenia... the land of Noah!

Тour to Tatev, Khndzoresk (swinging bridge), Karahunj (Armenian stonehenge)

The tour is going to be rich with silent, because words will be unnecessary to describe what you'll see. The jewel of medieval Armenian architecture, Tatev, was constructed in the 9th-13th centuries.

In the past, Tatev was difficult to reach, because the winding road had to descend the canyon and cross a river on the Devil’s Bridge, but now Tatev is easily accessible by the world’s longest two–way cable car. So here you can ride the world's longest ropeway called Wings of Tatev.The monastery Tatev is also a place where gothic architecture has been originated.

Kndzoresk is an inspiring place where both Armenians and people from around the world are interested to visit. It’s an amazing place, where you can hike along the bushes, or stroll around the caves where medieval people lived inside those caves in ancient.

During this tour you can visit the Armenian Stonehenge famous with Karahunj Observatory name.

The tour starts at 07:30 am, at Republic sqaure, near fountains.


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