Touch the soul of Armenia... the land of Noah!

Kilikia and Western Armenia, August 1 - 10

We offer you a 10-day trip to Western Armenia and Kilikia.

Trip program:

Day first. Departure - Aquamarine North (Chldyr) Lake - Dinner in Kars - Fortress Fortress - Vardan Bridge - St. Arakeloc Church, Charents House - Ani Capital - Kars History Museum - Dinner and Overnight in Kars.

The second day. Breakfast at the Hotel - Army Cathedral - Tortum Waterfall and Tortum Lake - Oshkvank - Karin (Erzrum) - Armenian Church - Karno Fortress - Sanasarian College - Aparan Monastery - Erznka Waterfall - Dinner and Overnight in Erzincan.

Day Third: Breakfast at the hotel - Elizabeth, Temple of the Armenian Temple - Malatia, Small Hayk - Holy Trinity Church - Levonkla, Fortress, Kilikia - Dinner and Overnight in Korikos.

Fourth day. Breakfast at the hotel - Sea and Ground Fortress of Corikos - Mediterranean Sea. Beach - Dinner and Overnight in Corikos.

Day fifth. Breakfast at the Hotel - Seleucia - Mediterranean Sea. beach - dinner and overnight in Korikos.

Day sixth. Breakfast at the Hotel - Hromkla - Ayntap. Armenian Church - Urfa. Pool - Dinner and Overnight in Urfa.

The seventh day. Breakfast at the hotel - Portasar - Nemrut - Dinner and overnight in Diyarbakir.

Day Eighth. Breakfast at the hotel - Diyarbakir. Saint Giragos - Fences - Tigris River - Wahni Pagan Temple - Mardin City - Sasna Water Malabadi Bridge - Bitlis. Bitlis fortress and Por village - Dinner in Datavan - Van Nemrut - Overnight in Datavan.

Day ninth. Breakfast at the hotel - Akhtamar island and Lake Van - Dinner in Akhtamar - Khoshab fortress - Haykaberd - Van city. Van Fortress - Van Cats - Mher's Door - Overnight in Van.

Day ten. Breakfast at the Hotel - Berkri Waterfall - Bayazed Fortress - Arax River - Dinner in Kars and Return to Yerevan.


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Type: Western Armenia
Duration: 10 Day

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