Touch the soul of Armenia... the land of Noah!

Tour to Khor Virap, Noravank, Bird's Cave, Areni wine factory

The first stop of the tour is Khor Virap monastery, the oldest Armenian capital, Artashat. From there, a unique and spectacular view opens up to the Ararat Biblical Mount.

Full of amazing impressions, we will continue our trip rich with beautiful natural scenes, will visit Birds Cave, an old cave with an exciting and mysterious past, where the oldest shoe in the history of the mankind was found (which is supposed to be 5500 years old).

After this we will head to Noravank Monastery Complex (13-14 centuries), where we will travel through unique Gnishik cave surrounded by red limstones. The flora and fauna of the cave is quite rich. A magnificent colorful view opens up from the hill.

The culmination of our tour will be Areni Wine Factory where we will taste different sort of wines special to that place, made of fruits with unique taste of the Armenian mountains.

The tour starts at 09:00 am, at Republic Square, near fountains.


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