Touch the soul of Armenia... the land of Noah!

Tour to Garni Temple, Geghard Cave ch., Lavash baking master class

During this tour we will visit Garni pagan temple, built in the 1st century, A.D. and still stands up to now. Near the temple, you will see the Symphony canyon in the Azat river gorge. It was named for its rock formations, a series of perfectly cut diamond shaped granite, basalt, slag and andesite.

In Garni, you will have the opportunity to follow as well as particitate in the whole process of how one of the finest jewels of Armenian cuisine is created in a tandoor from formless dough.

Be ready to get that wonderful dizziness-like feeling from the divine smell of warm and crispy lavash taken right from the tandoor.

Lastly, we will visit the Monastery of Geghard, a unique place, where you will be amazed by the only Cave Monastery Complex in the terittory of Armenia built from 12-14 centuries. Here inside of the complex you will see a sacred basin people believe that drinking that water they are becoming blessed.

Departure time and place: 10:00, Republic square.


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Duration: 1 Day

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